CNC Manutech began as a small, dedicated team in 1975. With decades of experience under our belt, we now deliver close-tolerance, high precision machining services from our state-of-the-art 12,800sq.ft facility to clients across North America and the world. If our scale has changed, our approach hasn’t: we’ve chosen to remain a tightly-knit team of dedicated, long term employees in order to consistently deliver the precision, quality, and personalized services that we’re known for. It’s how we began working over 40 years ago, and it’s how we work today.

We are client focused and solution-driven. With every project, we closely collaborate with clients to reduce costs and production times. To keep quality and precision at a premium, we review client drawings and plans to determine ideal production techniques, tolerance levels, and materials based on individual environmental and industrial factors. It’s the only way to achieve the quality and precision we’re known for, and it’s the only way we do business.

Fast-paced industries call for concise production times, so we pride ourselves on delivering every project on budget, on-time. The numbers speak for themselves: our fill rate is 99.8%. It’s the only way we work, and it’s why we’ve worked with some clients for over 30 years.

Offshore Manufacturing
Clients who require large quantity production runs have the option of leveraging our offshore manufacturing services. With two full time associates located in China, we work closely with Chinese manufacturers to ensure all of our partners match the dedication to quality and precision that defines us as a company. Our full time employees in China carefully manage processes of quoting, quality testing, and delivery scheduling.

Interested in our services in offshore manufacturing? Get in touch.